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Value Proposition

  1. What problems does this solve for dentists?
    1. Top compensation and benefits
    2. Theme Park destination type new facilities interior and exterior that attracts plenty of patients for production
    3. School loan repayment program
    4. Pride and great economic benefits of ownership of practice
      1. Create wealth in your corporation
      2. Sell your interest in corp or grow an enterprise
    5. Solve access problem for underserved communities
    6. Mentorship with Dr. Lanier (founder) and his experts
  2. Quantified value = Based on valuations of Private DSO
  3. Differentiation – We offer a total TurnKey solution including:
    1.  Pre-designed, built-out and equipped facilities with Branded  Pediatric Dental as anchor tenants. Heavily visibles, marketing and advertising of “Kids 2 Dentist”.
    2. Branded and pre-marketed (Names, logos, Websites, phone lines)
    3. List of Parents waiting for call back appt scheduling
    4. Community Based Relations in place with ongoing agreements for marketing
    5. State & Federal program assistance programs for providers
    6. Experience: we are the same team that took Kids Dental Kare to a very successful exit in 2017. Now with a new and improved product based on our collective experiences and new found access to capital, we’re back 2.0 version “Kid 2 Dentist & Star Tek Adult Dental.”

Become an Entrepreneur Dentist owner of a branded success office;  “Kid 2 Dentist &/or Star Tek Adult Dental,” on your path to economic freedom.

Mission Statement

To create win-win opportunities for entrepreneur doctors by providing them with turn-key, high-quality offices that are all ready to start helping patients immediately.

Why Choose Us?

Serve the Community

Many communities, including under-served communities, will benefit from having adequate dental care access. This is an opportunity for dentists to do well while doing good. ​

Successful Business

We offer dentists with an entrepreneurial spirit, who would like to minimize their risks, an opportunity that is pre-setup for success.

Trustworthy Team

We have an experienced, successful team that can handle everything involving developing a successful dental practice, from the building to the marketing. ​