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Prototype Facility

Prototype Facility for a TKO Property

We have found the ideal property to use as our Prototype for “Kid 2 Dentist” which is an extension or version 2.0 of our previous platform “Kids Dental Kare.”

The size, location, demographics, access to Fwy, traffic count, visibility, ingress/egress, etc. all make this the most ideal “Model Facility” for this venture.

We have attached the marketing pdf with all the secret sauce for your perusal and study to build your own platform or to partner with us to accelerate your growth using our experience, expertise and resources.


Since we are a real estate development company we are not competing with doctors for these type properties but rather offering to partner with doctors to acquire and develop the property for you if it fits all qualifying parameters for our feasibility studies for an “Ideal Property.” If you feel you have found a location that could be an “Ideal TKO Property” please reach out to us at [email protected] and we can start the assessment process.

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Mission Statement

To create win-win opportunities for entrepreneur doctors by providing them with turn-key, high-quality offices that are all ready to start helping patients immediately.

Why Choose Us?

Serve the Community

Many communities, including under-served communities, will benefit from having adequate dental care access. This is an opportunity for dentists to do well while doing good. ​

Successful Business

We offer dentists with an entrepreneurial spirit, who would like to minimize their risks, an opportunity that is pre-setup for success.

Trustworthy Team

We have an experienced, successful team that can handle everything involving developing a successful dental practice, from the building to the marketing. ​