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  1. USPHS journey
  2. 30 years building offices
  3. Vision of building a prototype that allowed expansion nationally with partners.
  1. Post-Covid 2021 dental backlog.
  2. Denti-Cal increase provider pay and incentives to own
  3. DTI Zones.
  4. Banks have slowed lending to 1st time owners, trepidation
  5. Democrats and healthcare won
  6. “As go California, so goes the nation.” We lead, we don’t follow!
  1. All the statistics leads us to this area…
  2. DTI- we are partially guided by them
  3. Demographics –
  4. Visibility –
  5. Accessibility
  6. Timing and demand

Purchase the practice de novo at cost plus, lease the facility, brand and marketing.

You will own 100%. You are then the proud owner of your own DSO.

You will own the TI’s, the practice 100%. If you need additional management services they can be provided cafeteria style as desired.

We have inhouse contractors, designers, experts in commercial real estate and most importantly experts in Entrepreneurial Dentistry.

This crossover product is like DisneyLand where both rich and poor, young and old, Medicaid or Insurance/ cash are all welcome. The destination property will be inviting to a Payer.

Mix of all that have acceptable forms of payment. This will allow for a high revenue as well as higher multiples upon exiting.

We provide a Sanctuary for Entrepreneur Dentist seeking escape from the norm. Stop doing what everyone else is doing just because “that’s what they’re doing now…”

See things differently…

We don’t follow, we lead, by electing to do so!

Mission Statement

To create win-win opportunities for entrepreneur doctors by providing them with turn-key, high-quality offices that are all ready to start helping patients immediately.

Why Choose Us?

Serve the Community

Many communities, including under-served communities, will benefit from having adequate dental care access. This is an opportunity for dentists to do well while doing good. ​

Successful Business

We offer dentists with an entrepreneurial spirit, who would like to minimize their risks, an opportunity that is pre-setup for success.

Trustworthy Team

We have an experienced, successful team that can handle everything involving developing a successful dental practice, from the building to the marketing. ​